About Us


Want to volunteer to help fight homelessness in Toronto? Great!

For Chalmers Project stuff, we need help these areas:

(a) warm introductions (or help cold calling) to 24 hour respite sites

(b) help improving the map interface of our new map (react, chakra UI, mapbox)

(c) designing a pcb for our chalmers signal device to speed up device assembly time

If something above interests you please contact at us using one of these channels: info@chalmers.cards , twitter @chalmersproject, Civic Tech Toronto slack #chalmersproject

In general though, we recommend volunteering at a shelter or respite site close to where you live/work/study.

You can find a pretty comprehensive map of shelters and respites here: toronto.ca/homelesshelp.

Speaking from personal experience, volunteering at a shelter is an excellent way to get a feel for how Toronto's social infrastructure is currently supporting folks experiencing homelessness. The shelter or respite you contact may ask you for a small commitment (2-3 hours per week), but that you reliably show up every week.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and good luck!

  • Mister Chalmers